Success of Treliss at JCK Vegas 2017 Highlights

By June 29, 2017 No Comments

Treliss Worldwide finished a successful JCK Las Vegas 2017 show last week, giving customers a taste of some of jewelry’s top looks this year.

JCK Las Vegas allows industry leaders to display and explore the latest designs and trends every year. Exhibitors present the season’s hottest and most popular looks for retailers and consumers.

After a positive show, the industry is buzzing about the prevalence of certain top styles at the event. Treliss incorporated these trends into their collections, accentuating the contemporary edge of their brand.

This year hoops are haute and gold remains glamorous; Treliss displayed an abundance of both at JCK Vegas. They offered customers access to premium styles, without sacrificing the experimental vibe they need to remain up-to-date. Customers loved its array of popular trending items such as choker necklaces, statement earrings, custom jewelry, and modern pearls. They reacted positively to Treliss’s upgraded versions of on-trend fast fashion, admiring the combined quality and updated-modernism of the pieces.

Treliss kept up with looks seen across the globe this season, embracing the edge and creativity flooding the runway. Asymmetry illustrates the modern and innovative trendsetter. Designers are playing with contrast and balance, devoting space to fashions that challenge the ordinary. Single earrings are one of the biggest looks, stretching beyond small studs and into striking choices like chandeliers, mystical symbols, and crawler shapes. Likewise, mix-and-match bold earrings are on the rise, creating a youthful imbalance that captures the industry’s changing spirit. Balenciaga juxtaposed different sizes and colors, showing that exotic combinations can still be chic.  Multi-colored jewelry also exemplifies this experimentation, with more designers showcasing bright blues and other vivid hues. Meanwhile, designers are pairing unexpected statement necklaces with elegant collars and simple gold strands. Pieces that highlight individuality, such as colored stones, cuff earrings, and revamped pearls adorn models worldwide.

To stay relevant in a rapidly evolving world, designers are looking to new limit-pushing pieces mixed with enduring classics. They’re experimenting with standout items, taking risks with color and shape. Customers are increasingly asking for the cutting-edge styles that Treliss and its partners provide–designs intended to inspire.

By toning down these runway-ready looks, industry leaders are able to incorporate the high-fashion trends into their timeless capsules.

Back at JCK, with hoops experiencing a revival, Treliss offered a vast variety of sizes and styles to keep its customers on top of and ahead of the biggest trends. Michael Kors, Balenciaga, and Louis Vuitton all featured new versions of the quintessential staple in their Winter shows, exemplifying the style’s top spot in fashion. Whether it was simple gold bands or diamond-encrusted twists, Treliss had all of the varieties that customers wanted. Treliss also ensured that it was prepared to help consumers tell a personal story through their jewelry, showcasing highly sought-after customizable pieces. From stackable rings to loose stones, Treliss pleased customers with numerous opportunities to play with and modify their looks. There were cuff bracelets with multiple components, as well as highly desired monogrammed necklaces. Treliss also displayed plentiful hand bracelets, a piece that has been popular in looks at both the Gucci and Louis Vuitton shows. Like the runways, layers and depth filled the looks from Treliss.

Customers are requesting these trending styles at a sophisticated level– a refined and luxurious take on the nontraditional runway. This demand for a variety of timeless pieces with a twist is where Treliss and its many partners shine. Each presents a distinct vision that remains fresh and vogue. From casual to formal, day to night, or office to street, Treliss provides customers all of the pieces they need to create their own personal image.

As the year goes on, we’ll continue to see chokers, pearls, Art Deco, and statement earrings–cuffs, hoops, chandeliers, and colors–dominating the runway.

The look of 2018 is complex and multifaceted. With consumers championing diversity, jewelry that offers unique independence in the form of convertibility, customization, and imbalance allows everyone from the classic to the nonconformist to appreciate the latest innovations.

At JCK, Treliss allowed customers to stay in style at ease, supporting and delivering the season’s biggest looks. Treliss’s wide range of partnerships received positive feedback as they provide consumers with easy access to innumerable designs.

Treliss continues to cultivate creativity, providing artistic luxuries to a vast market. The success of the JCK Show solidified customers’ appreciation of Treliss’s up-to-date styles and efforts to cater to an ever changing consumer.